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Meridian Hill Park Engagement Session

The story of Sarah & Neij.

Sarah and Neij are a super special couple with a very evident love. Sarah and Neij met at a consulting firm in Washington DC, and although they were “under the radar” for 7 months, their co-workers quickly caught on. See, i told you they have a very evident love and connection!

couple snuggling at the line hotel

Sarah, shortly after, had moved to Malaysia for a scholarship program. Their office romance turned long distance, but that wasn’t going to break them apart. I mean look at this laughter. This real real laughter. Like the kind you see in movies. This is their love, and being around them felt like a thousand rays of sunshine. They have the best energy ever!

Washington DC obviously played a huge role in their relationship.

When planning for an engagement session, i always ask my clients if there is a certain place that has specific meaning to them both. The answer for these two? You guessed it. Washington DC. But not just DC itself. More specifically, Meridian Hill Park. They used to take runs/walks there when they lived in the city. Right around the corner from the park is a place called The Line Hotel DC. They were both very excited about the idea of having images all snuggly and cute in a gorgeous hotel room. (as seen) But the most important part: making sure they achieved a Meridian Hill Park engagement session.

engagement photos at meridian hill park couple kissing on stairs at meridian hill park couple walking on stairs in meridian hill park

I just can’t with these two! My heart! After we were completed with the hotel, we walked a few blocks over to Meridian Hill Park. Sarah had changed into an absolutely stunning dress! This session took place on a misty early June day, but i’m telling you, Sarah’s dress matches her vibrant joyful self. I can still hear her laugh now!

couple laughing at meridian hill park couple hugging in meridian hill park couple hugging closely in meridian hill park couple dancing in meridian hill park couple walking through meridian hill park couple pose for engagement photos in meridian hill park couple posing on stairs in meridian hill park

Now these two live in Amsterdam, living their absolute best life making all of the unique cocktails and eating all of the delectable brunches.



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