Casual Brooklyn Engagement Session

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How cool is this casual Brooklyn engagement session?! Brooklyn is one of our favorite places. Creativity emanates throughout the streets. The artistic, industrial vibes are impeccable. Plus, the couple resides in the area, making it a meaningful location.

Like many love stories, Steve and Gabi’s began in college. The two both served on a homecoming committee, where they first met. One night at a social, Steve played Ke$ha songs to win Gabi’s heart. They danced together until everyone else left! That summer, they visited each other despite living eight hours apart. When Steve returned to school in the fall, they officially started dating and never looked back.

The two now live in New York, where they spend their time exploring and adventuring. They love traveling, camping, trying new restaurants, biking around NYC neighborhoods, and attending Broadway shows. Living in such a vibrant city, these lovebirds always are up for a new and exciting experience. In fact, they even got engaged at one of the city’s hot spots.

For the cutest Valentine’s engagement, Steve planned a proposal at the Bryant Park ice skating rink. The two shared drinks and snacks, followed by an hour of fun-filled skating. When the staff began clearing everyone off the ice, Steve insisted that they stay on for one more lap. Gabi didn’t want to break the rules, but then she realized what was happening. In the middle of the rink, Steve got down on one knee – yes, while wearing ice skates! Immediately, there was cheering from the sidelines. A group of their friends had been watching, and they all celebrated afterwards.

For this down to earth couple, a casual Brooklyn engagement session was perfect. Iron bridges, street art, and a sunset over the water truly created magic.

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