Wedding days are meant to be cherished. you deserve to be given the opportunity to be fully present. to hear the resounding laughs, smell the delectable food, and feel the welcoming hugs of the ones you love. 

Wedding days are filled with sentimental moments. big moments. in between moments. moments you don't see and moments you do see. we capture it all.

an investment that lasts a lifetime

As we like to say, for the people not the portfolio. Simply put, we're not there for ourselves we are there for you. Whatever that may entail, we're always up for it. Your level of comfort is what we care about most. We hold space for you when you're ready to be done or to keep on going. Your call always!

this is a big one. we're there to curate a customized to your story wedding gallery. this means that we're focused on documenting the in-between moments between both sets of parents or maybe 2 cousins that are best friends. And when you two are are walking around, we're documenting those hugs, laughs, smiles and tears. Our goal is to have every single attendee in at least one photo. With this, we guarantee a very personalized wedding gallery highlighting real moments between one another and everyone else. 

you first, always.



We consider ourselves to be kind paparazzi people. To achieve a timeless, not dated wedding gallery, the documentary approach is the way to go. We of course photograph the must haves, but with a very candid and organic approach. We let people be people and engage as they naturally would.



Wedding days can come with the need to pivot. We do so with understanding and patience as we accept there are different wants and priorities for everyone. We embrace the different personalities, emotions and relationships that come with a wedding day.  We take the time to step back and adapt.

 read the room


This gives you the space you deserve to relish every moment and emotion happening throughout your day. We'll never be pulling you in 50 different directions, but instead getting what we need with ease and flow so you can get back to your loved ones. I mean it's your day, anyway!


we focus on everyone,
not just two people


our approach

there are no 2 weddings alike, so we approach your wedding with fluidity and serenity

this is exactly what we're looking for!

we focus on everyone, not just two people

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Starting at $6,800

○   complimentary engagement sesh
○   variety of hourly coverage
○   two photographers
○   online gallery with full printing rights
○   sneak peak slideshow consisting of 100 photos delivered within 10 days of wedding

○   free travel within 2 hours of harrisburg, pa

destination weddings or local weddings: we're prioritizing the cinematic in-between moments. the split second smiles. the energy and emotion as it ebbs and flows throughout your day. the unexpected laughs. all of this and more.



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Starting at $1900

○   two photographers
○   online gallery with full printing rights
○   variety of coverage options
○   free travel within one hour of harrisburg, pa
○   gallery delivered within 6 weeks
○   in depth call to go over all details

Maybe you're dreaming up marrying your partner on the mountain surrounded by nature and nature alone; or maybe you're envisioning marrying your love in front of just 25 people. No matter the choice, there are options.

Elopements + Intimate Weddings


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priced at $1000

○   1.5 hour session
○   e-sesh q-air + call to perfectly plan details
○   what to wear guide
○   online gallery with full printing rights

○  free travel within 1 hour of harrisburg, pa

If you've already booked your wedding photographer, or maybe you're not ready to commit to someone, then this is for you. We offer them complimentary with any wedding package, but you can book us separately if you wish.

engagement sessions


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Starting at $800

○   free travel up to one hour from harrisburg, pa
○   online gallery with printing rights
○   no photo amount restrictions
○   full in depth planning questionnaire and call to thoroughly discuss your brand or session vision 

for the photographers, creatives and all of you artistic folks. we offer services to those who need updated content for their brand, or for those who just want uniquely crafted photos for themselves.

creative lifestyle & branding


we utilize a lot of movement in our fluid posing. the more you move the more you forget you're being photographed. when moving, it gives us options to photograph a lot of different angles, lighting, candids, etc.. movement aids you to feel present in that moment, and that will show in your photos.


here are ways we can help!

games? yes.  basically we are giving you things to do and say with one another that help bring out the true you. when photographing your engagement session, we're learning what works best for you and your relationship. this helps curate images that are the real you, and not cookie cutter. when wedding day comes, you already understand the approach and all nerves are left in the dust.

playful games and prompts.

the space we create for you is free flowing with ample understanding. there is never a standard you need to meet. this is about highlighting your personalities and love. if you want a more fashion forward posed session, sweet stuff! or maybe you want a wedding where it's 90% documentary style posing, great! it's ultimately your call and no one elses. 

it's your call.

worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera? 

the perigee process









we schedule a thorough consultation. it's imperative we have a conversation with both persons so we can hear your needs and what you're envisioning for wedding photography.

After the call a proposal is sent. once you complete the proposal, contract and pay the deposit of 50% of your grand total, you're official! be excited, because we're excited!

once everything is done, you'll receive a welcome email with a page that's called the client lounge. in this lounge you'll have access to your online portal where you can view your documents in our process. you also have access to a what to wear guide for your e-sesh, a preferred vendors sheets and more!

when you're ready to book your engagement session, you'll email me to begin the process. first you'll receive a q-air to help plan the session and then i'll begin an email to discuss all details. engagement session happens, and then you receive your photos within 2 weeks! you'll receive a gallery with full printing rights. you'll just download the high res files. 

detailed planning and communication begins 5 months out from your wedding. I will send you a wedding day q-air to help avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings on your wedding day. once the q-air is complete, you'll schedule your final call with us where we'll create a full photo timeline in a google doc. this will be public so you can share with vendors / family / friends. 

final payment is due 30 days out from your wedding. 

within one week of your wedding, you'll receive your sneak peak slideshow. this consists of 100+ photos. These photos will be added to a beginner gallery and you'll have access to download those high res files within the first week of your wedding. 

within 2 months of your wedding, you'll receive your full gallery! if there were any add ons, (film, album, etc) there will be further communication.


post booking

begin the process now!

megan & tommy // family home - lancaster, pa

When I look at Perigee Photo Co’s pictures from our engagement shoot and from our wedding day, I feel the feelings I experienced in those moments. The holding-back-tears moment, the holy-shit-did-we-just-get-married moment, the look-at-my-grandma-on-the-dancefloor moment, the our-10-month-flower-girl-had-a-huge-blowout moment. Perigee Photo Co caught it all! 

The highest
of praise from our folks!

the highest praise from our folks

Frequently Asked Questions

do you travel?

Why yes, yes we do. we are constantly looking for new places to travel while photographing the most sweet couples outside of our home base. We are located in Harrisburg, PA - but this does NOT limit us to this area. most of our work ends up being outside of the central PA area! we travel up to 3 hours outside of our area at no extra travel cost. Feel free to inquire with all of your information, we'll set up a consultation and talk about all of the logistics and then create a custom proposal based off of your location and needs. The great thing is that we handle all travel, so you will not have an extra step added to your to do list. 

how many photos do we receive for a wedding?

This is one that gets asked frequently. I'll just say up front - we are NOT a photography business that limits the amount of photos we give you. Far from it. Actually, we tend to over give. Our cameras are shooting through moments rapidly, so there may be 25 photos from a 3 second moment, but if they fit the criteria as a good photo, then you'll get all 25. Make sense? WE LIMIT NOTHING! On an average 9 hour wedding day, with a wedding party of 10 total, you could see somewhere around 2000-2700 images.

do you work with budgets?

Money isn't the easiest of conversations. So in short, yes we work with budgets. However, we have our prices set for a reason. Running a business isn't all rainbows and unicorns. We have expenses and taxes. We have our family. we have a mortgage and car payments. We are normal people like everyone else. 
We have been in business for 10 full years, but sarah has been in the industry 15 years so we are charging for experience and quality of the experience that you get with us. So even though we have formulated pricing, we are willing to hear what your needs are, and why you feel so connected to us and our work, and why you would like to work with us.  

how long is your turnaround?

To break it down for weddings, it is 2 months MAX. For engagement sessions it is 2 weeks MAX. 

Now, when you book a wedding, you do receive a sneak peek slideshow within the first week of your wedding that consists of 150+ photos. This is to hold you over until the cake is finished. 

have you photographed at our venue?

Here is the dealio with this one. I like to think of it this way. An artist is given a blank canvas: they create a masterpiece. An artist is given an already painted over canvas: they create, but someone has already started. this is how we feel at new venues. We LOVE new places. It tingles all of our senses! We're thoroughly inspired by walking into a new space we've never shot in. Now - DON'T WORRY. If we HAVE shot at your venue, that is ok! We will actually strive to challenge ourselves to find new spaces, new light and a variety of places. no matter what, we find inspiration. But we just want to reassure you that if we've never shot at your venue, it shouldn't be a deal breaker. 
However, if you're still concerned and want us to do a venue walk through prior to your wedding, we're more than happy to do that. 

AND, if you still feel uncomfortable, ask us about the option of coming to your venue for a walkthrough prior to your wedding date!

don't see your question?

inquire and ask here!


we're so thankful you've considered us as an option!

does this all resonate?