freeman was 27 and had a 4 year old (fletcher) and sarah was 20 and recently out of a relationship. our first night that we worked together was february 14th, 2011. in april of that year, sarah moved to the city after having lived an hour away. the day sarah moved, freeman came over to help with moving things and they went to walmart at 1am to buy new apartment things. This was one of many late night trips. from that moment on, something sparked. it was fate on all levels. we spent every single day together. from that night on.  we were inseparable. the connection we had was other-wordly, it's almost to hard to explain. but somehow the stars knew we were meant to be. after 6 months of being together, sarah was pregnant.  our journey was like a powerful tidal wave. we had our son (avey) in 2012 and began life very quickly after that. sarah started her business, while freeman worked full time. we married in 2014 and had the best wedding day. now, we live life passionately and devote as much time, love and effort to one another and our family as we can. we love our lives and our people so very much.

our story begins at an italian american restaurant called Zias at Red Door. freeman a server and sarah a hostess .. 

About perigee // sarah & freeman


transparency is key and no one wants to be left in the dark. so we'll always be sure to thoroughly explain everything and be ready for anything.

we read the room, pivot when needed and go with the flow as settings and energies change. 

sarah's first tattoo at 18yrs old is a camera with the word passion. need we say more? 

clear communication



we both come from a hospitality background, so everything we do is with service at heart. multi-tasking. comfort. priorities being met. a drink in hand.


no surface level here. you're not just another couple, you're now our friend. 

 deep Connections

we see people as people because people are people. through our service and heart, we will always be fully inclusive.


Our Core Values

at the end of a wedding day we're coming home to these sweet faces. our small family is near and dear to our hearts. our why consists of many definitions, but at the end of the day it's them. we want to show them that you can do what you're passionate about and turn it into a forever career. a full time job doesn't have to be selling your soul, like they may think. so we continue to be transparent with them about our business, the opportunities we're given and the people we meet. 

for the folks we love

why we do
what we do

Photography has always been so much more than cameras and prints. For me, it's always been about connecting with humans from all over this world and supplying them with images that look like them and feel like them. There is something so rewarding about having a talent that benefits literally every person on this planet. I love showing others that getting your photo taken doesn't have to mean a sit down portrait session, it means that you get to love on your partner, hug your grandma or dance with your childhood best friend, and have it timelessly documented for the rest of your life. To me, that is priceless. Through the 300+ weddings I've shot since 2013, there has never ever been a moment that I ever second guessed what I do for people. This is my lifelong calling, and I'm committed to that until my last day.

It all started when I first took a Minolta 35mm film camera to Hungary in 9th grade. From then on, photography became a part of my identity. Before photographing my first wedding in 2009, I had no idea I would one day turn this hobby into a dream career.

sarah benner

 I’d always enjoyed taking photos growing up, but usually focused on nature or landscape shots, not often photographing people. Since joining Sarah on that fateful March day in Bordeaux, I began joining my love for capturing images with my love for people—documenting their love for one another on what is one of the most important days of their lives. I’d always enjoyed weddings, though hadn’t been to all that many. Four years later, and I’ve now attended well over 100 weddings. Apart from the artistic/photographic aspect of weddings, I love taking in the unique personality of each couple, the meticulous décor and setting of the venue, and the love shared throughout the joint gathering of so many friends and families. I feel honored to be in attendance and to play a part in documenting your love story.

For several years I watched Sarah from the sidelines, but an opportunity to photograph in France got me in the mix. When I was a kid I used to photograph on a 110 film camera that overlaid a thumbnail of Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the bottom right corner—now the equipment is a little more sophisticated, and sans TMNT, but I love it just as well.

freeman fisher

Banana - our "cool" cat

Bobby Sox - a lovable muskrat

Bubba - our senior citizen 

Cookie - stereotypical ginger, doesn't meow only grunts cat

Bean Sprout - our feral garage rescue girl

Bean - our most human form and son's emotional support cat

Spending as much time with our kids as possible

Gizmo - our most well rounded, sweet kitty

Our favorite things in life look a little like:

2 boys & 7 cats
comedy, music & traveling




mutual interests?

Threedom (podcast)
Todd Barry 
David Cross 
Billy Eichner
Mr. Show
Doughboys (podcast)
The Office 
The League
Paul F. Thompkins
Sarah Silverman

Animal Collective (our son Avey is named after the lead singer)
The Mars Volta
Frank Ocean
At The Drive-In
Department of Eagles
Washed Out
Grizzly Bear 
Pink Floyd 
Bright Eyes

Bordeaux, France
Sarasota area, Florida
Asheville, NC
Charlottesville, VA
Catskills, NY
Big Sur, CA
Tucson, AZ
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bar Harbor, ME
Savannah, GA 
Los Angeles, CA
Milwaukee, WI

here our some of our favs

over 300 WEDDINGS captured  /  at least 500+ Sessions  /  endless exhausted miles  driven home /  hundreds of  sheetz runz  /  555 espresso shots  /  infinite moments cherished with our people

Current figures

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sarah b boudoir

Sarah also does boudoir in her photo studio
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freeman loves curating mixes

if you've made it this far, here are a few personal endeavors we partake in: