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We love what we do dearly, and love serving all people. We adore curating a luxurious yet fun wedding photo  experience, while capturing true to life images that you'll cherish forever. We promise to bring the joyful positivity with a big dose of dedication.

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your high vibe energy 90's baby.

Photography has always been so much more than cameras and prints. For me, it's always been about connecting with humans from all over this world and supplying them with images that look like them and feel like them. There is something so rewarding about having a talent that benefits literally every person on this planet. I love showing others that getting your photo taken doesn't have to mean a sit down portrait session, it means that you get to love on your partner, hug your grandma or dance with your childhood best friend, and have it timelessly documented for the rest of your life. To me, that is priceless. Through the 250+ weddings I've shot since 2013, there has never ever been a moment that I ever second guessed what I do for people. This is my lifelong calling, and I'm committed to that until my last day.

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easy. lucky. free.

Yes, hello. It’s me again. I’d always enjoyed taking photos growing up, but usually focused on nature or landscape shots, not often photographing people. Since joining Sarah on that fateful March day in Bordeaux, I began joining my love for capturing images with my love for people—documenting their love for one another on what is one of the most important days of their lives. I’d always enjoyed weddings, though hadn’t been to all that many. Four years later, and I’ve now attended well over 100 weddings. Apart from the artistic/photographic aspect of weddings, I love taking in the unique personality of each couple, the meticulous décor and setting of the venue, and the love shared throughout the joint gathering of so many friends and families. I feel honored to be in attendance and to play a part in documenting your love story.

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what does our name mean?


Perigee is the point in the orbit of the moon at which it is nearest to the earth.


We offer contagious positivity to bring you into our orbit and draw you closer to each other through a warm and welcoming experience.

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2 boys & 7 cats 

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Freeman says he knew Sarah was the one when Sarah pointed out a bright eyes song while they were working at an Italian restaurant.

music is huge for us

1. Animal Collective
2. frank ocean
3. Sublime
4. Department of Eagles
5. Moses sumney

We love it all. Give us cities and oceans, mountains and the desert too. We both feel like there is a strong appreciation that comes with seeing different parts of the world. We don't take it lightly and try to do it as much as we can.


our favs

1. bordeaux, france
2. saguaro national park, az
3. big sur, ca
4. anna maria island, fl
5. asheville, nc

our favs

1. bordeaux, france
2. saguaro national park, az
3. Big sur, CA
4. anna maria island, fl
5. asheville, nc

Comedy connects us. Freeman started his love of comedy way back when, and introduced Sarah to some hilarious comedians, podcasts, tv shows and movies. when they met.


our favs

1. kroll show
2. threedom/ comedy bang bang
3. todd barry
4. billy on the street
5. chris gethard


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