Whimsical Moonstone Manor Wedding Session

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Who says a pandemic means you have to cancel love? No one! This whimsical Moonstone Manor wedding session proves that a cancelled party doesn’t always mean waiting to capture the memories of your love. Take it from us – a wedding session can hold just as many loving memories, with the extra intimacy of just the two of you. As you can tell, this couple agrees!

To start their love story, Ricky and Mariana were both born in Brazil. The two met in 2017 and quickly fell in love, with an engagement less than two years later. Despite being raised abroad, Ricky moved to the states 10 years ago. However, Mariana still lived in Brazil at the time. In order for her to move to the country with Ricky, Mariana decided to immigrate. After many months of going through the immigration process, she moved to the United States in December 2019.  Finally, the two lovebirds married on January 10th, 2020.

As both of their families still live in Brazil, Ricky and Mariana’s loved ones were unable to attend their ceremony. To celebrate their marriage, the couple planned a wedding with their family and friends in July 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit a few months before their wedding, forcing them to cancel their party. Despite this turn of events, Ricky and Mariana thought of an alternative that would still allow them to cherish the memories of their marriage: a wedding photo shoot.

This couple has shown so much strength and resiliency, proving their commitment to each other. Even with so many obstacles, they remain unfazed. All they need is each other, and we were honored to capture this part of their relationship. This whimsical Moonstone Manor wedding session perfectly captures their undying love.

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