Playful Asbury Park Engagement Session

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This playful Asbury Park engagement session was one for the books! Jocelyn and Nick wanted street art, fun bars, and urban beach vibes. They love Asbury Park, and it was an incredible spot for their session. This boardwalk has endless character. Plus, the colorful murals were the perfect combination with their fun personalities.

Jocelyn and Nick met in college, where they lived two doors apart their freshman year. Quickly, they became best friends. They shared stories of sledding on lunch trays, wild nights partying, and eating pizza together until 4am. Also, college was when Nick started an October movie marathon tradition, which they continue to this day! Surprisingly, the two didn’t start dating until their senior year. Still, they shared so many fun memories with each other from that time.

Ten years after they first met, Nick surprised Jocelyn with a proposal. The two were walking to dinner when one of their friends suggested taking a photo outside the restaurant. Suddenly, Nick was on one knee and Jocelyn was in total shock. Jocelyn was so flabbergasted that she actually said “no” a few times, as in “no way” (because she really couldn’t believe it was happening!), before saying yes. Their parents and friends even got to watch from inside the restaurant!

Jocelyn and Nick’s story of best friends who became partners is literally the cutest. They describe their relationship as slightly weird and never-ending fun. So, we loved how this entire day showcased the couple’s quirkiness. The session started with the artsy Wooden Walls murals and ended with a boardwalk dance party. All day, the two were laughing together. These two share so much joy, and this playful Asbury Park engagement session complemented their vibrant, young love so well.

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