Old City Philadelphia Engagement Session

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David and Maria brought so much love to this Old City Philadelphia engagement session. As a couple who enjoys exploring, they visited one of their favorite cities for these photos. From kissing on rooftops to dancing in the streets, every aspect of their day showcased their fun and free personalities.

David and Maria first met at a country club, where Maria was working and David came to golf. During that summer, they saw each other almost every day. Finally, they decided to get a drink together after work one night. And the rest is history. Maria says they have been inseparable since then.

These two lovebirds have such a unique and heartwarming engagement story. But, this couple’s engagement wasn’t your typical surprise proposal. Instead, they went into a jewelry shop together on a whim and found the perfect ring. The two decided right then and there that simply having each other was all they needed. At the time, they were on a camping trip in Maine. So, they called their families to share their exciting news! After David bought the ring, he proposed to Maria on the ocean for a truly memorable end to their vacation.

David and Maria have such adventurous spirits. The two love to travel, try new foods, and listen to live music. They live spontaneously and passionately. Of course, Downtown Philly was the perfect place for them to express themselves. They spent every moment captivated by each other and the charm on this historic city. They laughed together and twirled under streetlights on cobblestone roads. This Old City Philadelphia engagement session was truly the most authentic celebration of their love.

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