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you all we’re excited to see this session come to life, and so was i. like really really excited. i’ve been working in this industry for 9 years and i’ve seen a lot. a lot of styles, couples, locations etc. i’ve gone through the motions of thinking that shooting in a barn (NO) was my favorite, or shooting in the woods or a waterfall. but nope, i’ve found my favorite. the city. any city. but especially fishtown, philadelphia. i’ve kinda known for awhile now that the city is my favorite place to shoot, but this shoot confirmed it for me. during this session i felt like i was almost watching myself shoot and it wasn’t really me shooting. it felt like i was almost watching myself morph into “my” next level. progress before my eyes.

elizabeth and dave live in fishtown. so it was only natural for them to want to do their engagement session there. leading up to their fishtown engagement session, elizabeth visit The Geisha House in Philadelphia to find a few outfits for this session! and you just wait until you see what she got. mustard sure is the color of the season, but elizabeth wears it like a queen B.

my absolute favorite thing is when my couples choose places that are super personal to them as a couple. with fishtown being their home, they had a few places that they go to frequently. Suraya being one of them. they are friends with the owner of this gorgeous, unique and super tasteful restaurant in fishtown. you can’t miss it on your walk down farnkford ave. i’ve eaten here numerous times and my mouth is legit watering right now even writing about it. i would have to say it’s one of the best restaurants in philadelphia. they have a courtyard out back that is all white (you know, a natural light photographers dream) so we started there and my inspo was exploding from that second on.

next we landed ourselves at wm mulherin’s sons – THIS PLACE IS ME. its me ya’ll. i walked in and was like oh yeah, this is actually where i lived in 1969. just saying. but elizabeth and dave straight up rocked this location. i mean, they did all locations, but this one especially. it’s their style. their look. everything about them.

and next on our journey through fishtown, for this fishtown engagement session – we just walked! literally, just walked. and chased the natural golden light. we basically ran to chase it, but they were down. they wanted all parts of it. the full effect. so we ran down frankford ave to find a pocket of light and they began to nail it even more. we even stopped by a new restaurant called NUNU because i saw a lot of red weird lights and i just felt like they needed a photo in the red light district. 😛

but in all seriousness though, this fishtown engagement session is one of my most favorite sessions to date.

dave and elizabeth were themselves. thats the first ticket towards a good session. you just have to be yourself. 1005% the entire time. like elizabeth’s dress totally blew open a few times and i was presented with her underwear, but she embraced it and straight up posed while it happened. it was epic. goofy things happened, so what. its a part of them. when we were completed we ate dinner, and i got to hear a little bit more about how they came to meet and date and hearing their story sealed it all up for me. their personalities and connection all makes sense. it’s truly incredible the places we’ll meet our forever loves.

p.s. elizabeth totally hopped in a fountain as we were walking back to our cars. in like 50 degree whether. because she’s a beast.

and be sure to pay attention to ALL of the makeup done by veroleigh co

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