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bevin & josh

york pa, wedding

this was a cool one. this cherished backyard wedding was more personal to us than others we have done. the bride went to school with my husband! and my husband grew up being close to her brother! so i would say we were just a taaaad bit more connected to this wedding.

first of all. this cherished backyard wedding took place on the property that bevin grew up on. when you decide to have a backyard wedding, and when you choose for it to be on the property of your own home you grew up on, we immediately fall in love. you can bring all kinds of details to a wedding venue to showcase your personalties and your love. but there is something about having a backyard wedding at your own house, that you don’t even need to try. naturally the love and connection is there. the personalities shine through. and it makes for the most precious backyard wedding.

so many things about this cherished backyard wedding had us doing flips in our minds. (not physically, because that does not happen) first of all, getting married on this property. duh. but the property is being sold, so this was the last even that would happen here. secondly, these two are musicians. and they performed at the party! we LOVED this part. i mean LOVED! thirdly, josh is a chef, so naturally they had food that was very near and dear to him and what he loves. and fourthly, they had a band that truly reminded me exactly of bevin and josh. fourthly, (keeps on coming) josh’s mother and father performed a song at the ceremony. this melted us. THIS is what a cherished backyard wedding is all about. sticking true to your blood. to your personalities. and thats the best way to have a bomb backyard wedding.

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