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okay, so i’ll admit it. i love photographing philadelphia engagement sessions. i’m obsessed with the city. i love the diversity, the colors, the light. all of it. living where i live, in harrisburg pa, i don’t get a lot of that. so when i get asked to photograph an engagement session in philadelphia i get all kinds of excited. it’s literally one of my most favorite thing. i also love the randomness of it all as well. just walking around the blocks, making the most of what we see. and searching for light.

kayla and evan are a dream couple. they live in philadelphia and had asked me to come in to photograph in their home first. i walked in and there was a plate of fruit waiting for me. that right there is the way to my heart. but you know what was best about this philadelphia engagement session is that i barely had to tell them what to do. they moved as they wanted to. there is something so freeing about just being you and doing your thang. they had a pillow fight with a titty pillow. they ticked each other. the danced. all of this unprompted. didn’t i say dream couple?

and now we have their wedding on saturday in philadelphia. i am sooooo excited for this. i’m bout to party it up with their friends and family while documenting all of the moments. <3

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