a fashionably powerful 30th birthday shoot <> veronica turns 30

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veronica turns 30

is there any better way than to spend your 30th birthday celebrating yourself with a fashionably powerful 30th birthday shoot? i don’t think so. now for those of you who don’t know me, this is my best friend/my go to wedding makeup artist. vero leigh co. i had been pestering her for months about what she wanted to do for her 30th birthday. the ONLY thing she kept saying that she wanted to do was a 30th birthday shoot! this was it! she wanted to get herself all dressed up something fierce. so she snagged a KILLER dress from Fashion Nova. then, she got in contact with one of our favorite florists hemlock and hellebore to create the most raddest floral piece for her outfit! after that she reached out to a super rad baker flouretta sweet to put together a cake for her. but we were not going to be doing a cake smash. that’s not what this 30th birthday shoot was about. it was about showing a stage of independence and the turning of a leaf. it was about proving that just because you turn 30 doesn’t mean you have to be depressed and sad. its a celebration! as we navigated through this powerful 30th birthday shoot, there were a few photograph that really stood out to me personally. some of the images really spoke to me as i was taking them. it’s hard to explain but there were certainly ones that just felt insanely powerful. like veronica was taking on the world NO MATTER what life has handed her, or the place society has expected her to be. she stood there by herself as calm as can be standing like a freaking woman tower. it was really profound and made for the best powerful 30th birthday shoot ever.

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