a new chapter. a new beginning we are opening up a studio at Redeux Vintage

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The title says it all. WE’RE OPENING UP A STUDIO!! this is Christina (CJ), Krista and me, Sarah. Christina owns Christina Julia Photography, Krista owns, The Hursts & CO, and i own sarah b photography. We are 3 babes with one thing in common. We’re major creatives. We have a heart for community. We respect each other, and lift each other up. We have goals and a passion of taking our businesses to the next level. And by joining this studio, we plan on taking over the world (or maybe just york, pa. on a smaller scale) We are all so excited for this next chapter of all of our lives!!

This studio will be located on the 2nd floor of Redeux Vintage, in York PA, right beside Collusion Tapworks and The Bond, right in the heart of Royal Square District. We will have a private access door, which you can see when at the back of the building. You can’t miss it, because there is a really cool mural on the outside of the building. We are going to be doing all sorts of really cool things in this new place. So many cool specials, deals and giveaways. So your going to want to keep your eyes open for these deals coming to you very very soon! I’ll be setting up an email list where you can be the very first to know about things that i’ll be doing.

I am seriously ecstatic about this opportunity. Things fall into place when they are supposed to. This happened when it was supposed to. Heres my story of how this came to place and just proof that when one door closes another one opens.

I never wanted a studio. When i first started my business i felt like a studio just wouldn’t accommodate my style. I wanted to keep everything outdoors. But as the years progressed i started to dream of it a little more, and then a little more and then a little more. This past spring i started looking for fun in Harrisburg. But after searching just for one day, i kind of already knew its was going to be a closed door. Every place we looked at was either astronomically high in price, or the style of the place was horrible. Harrisburg seems to cater to more of your typical office spaces. They would take beautiful old warehouse type spaces and lay down carpet, and put up wallpaper and drop ceiling. EW! The realtor had told me i would more than likely not find the style of place i was looking for. So with that i just knew, now is not my time. And i was ok with that.

Fast forward to the following month and a half. I was at Redeux Lancaster. And as i do, i started talking with the owner there. Networking and such, just starting a conversation (just like my father and grandmother do all of the time) As we got to talking about life and things, she told me that she had this huge room at Redeux York that was empty and wanted to know if i wanted to see it! I of course was super interested in checking it out, but not for a studio space for me, just for maybe an hourly thing. Like i could use the space here and there for shoots. When i went to look at it, Alex, the owner presented me with options. I was literally flabbergasted (in the best way possible.) I couldn’t believe that this opportunity had walked right into my life. I walked upstairs, saw the room and i just freaking knew it. This was it. This would be my first studio ever.

And the rest is history.

Its so true when one door closes another one opens. I had become content with the idea of waiting to find a studio. But its like finding your soulmate, when you least expect it, it hits yah in the face like a ton of bricks! BOOM!!

(if you have read to the bottom of this, and you want in on a very special deal – I AM DISCOUNTING ONLY 4  FULL 30 MINUTE MOMMY AND ME SESSIONS IN THE STUDIO FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. this will bring the price to $175.00. if you want to be one of those very special 4 mommy’s, then email me at sarah.b.photography00@gmail.com to reserve this spot)

all photos by krista – The Hursts & CO

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