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as most of you know, i photograph a TON of outdoor boudoir sessions. and also as most of you know, i recently moved into a studio where i can now shoot studio boudoir sessions! i’ve always been a fan of outdoor boudoir sessions because they give off a sense of adventure and passion, but now these indoor boudoir sessions are going to be a total flip from the outdoor ones. and i’m going to give you some reasons as to why you should book a studio boudoir session (especially in the winter time)

  1. it’s a blank canvas. doing a boudoir session in a studio gives you free reigns to create from scratch. no distractions. no other people. no strangers. it’s you and a bed, a couch, wall and floor. and so much more.

    2. the light. you all know i’m a sucker for natural light. studio boudoir sessions supply an even consistent light the whole way through the session. the walls in our studio are white which give off a diffused soft light on your sexy bod the entire way through the session. light plays a huge role in emotion. at least i think so.

    3. its warm and cozy. who doesn’t feel their best when they are in a cozy warm room wearing not many clothes. it’s almost like your at the beach, right? i can add the sand and beach chair if you need. but you probably won’t need it. you’ll be so wrapped up in blankets, on a cozy bed. when we feel comfortable in an environment we tend to open up a little more and be a little bit more of ourselves! doesn’t that sound glorious. add a little mood music ( some beyonce, heyyyyy) and maybe a weeeee bit of liquor and your on the way to feel good!

    4. we have access to props! yes, we have full access to vintage chairs, outfits, and all that fun stuff! so if you have a certain style your going for, i can accommodate! i love pulling small bits out of personalities in my girls to give it a little spark of extra-ness. ( i think thats a word, or i just made it a word)

    5. HAVE FUN! BE YOU! this is the most important reason. it really is. these studio boudoir sessions are mood lifters. they are confidence givers. they all around give you a giant hug. i freaking love studio boudoir sessions, and outdoor boudoir sessions for this exact reason. you may thing you are doing this shoot to give it to your other half but honestly, whether you know it or not, it’s for you. its a medicine you didn’t know you needed. its healing, literally.

overall, there are unlimited endless reasons why doing a boudoir session, studio boudoir session, is amazing. and why you should book one today. so what are you waiting for?

meet alexandria, the first girl i photographed boudoir in my studio. clearly, she knows what she’s doing. she was literally so perfect and amazing. bad to the bone. the wonderful hair and makeup done by https://mkupbeautystudio.com

if you want more info on these sessions, or be the first to know when i do these sessions check out the specials page, and sign up for my email list!

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