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as well as a brooklyn love session

shay and jon are the wonderful faces behind city south films. they are a husband wife videographer team for weddings. shay had contacted me back in the spring and wanted me to do a shoot for them that was for their website. they needed new images, as we all do. haha

when shay first told me she wanted a southern feel with cactuses and succulents, we both started to rack our brain for locations that would have this, given we live in PA. and after all of our searching and racking of our brains we came up with brooklyn botanical gardens! i am always looking to travel, and do more shooting and more love sessions in brooklyn, so this was the best opportunity to do so. first we had a certain date scheduled, and as i was about to leave my home shay texted me to tell me that the gardens were closed that day. so we had to scratch that! then, the day we rescheduled, when we went, we were bombarded with the security guards information on us needing a permit, as well as they were not allowed to change their clothes. but no worries, we were able to have just ten minutes of shooting before they started to kick us out 30 minutes before the gardens actually close …………. yeah.

BUT! no fear. we were able to walk around brooklyn for a bit and snag some more photos.

I’m obsessed with them. and I’m obsessed with shooting in brooklyn. I’m not kidding, the city inspires me more than anything at all. when someone, like these two, allow you to totally be you, they trust you and let you do your thing, thats when magic happens. seriously. i would love me some more brooklyn love sessions, or brooklyn engagement sessions.

THANK YOU jon and shay for allowing me to photograph your brooklyn love session.

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