a very personal in-home engagement session bevin & josh gettysburg pa

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In-home sessions are all of the rage these days. Its a trend/phase, but its a trend that i can get on board with, and i feel like could last forever! Engagement sessions are supposed to showcase, YOU! It’s not supposed to be this cookie cutter session where your on a covered bridge jumping up as high as you can as you give the peace sign. (okay, sure, maybe thats someones style, not mine.) They are supposed to be a personal experience. Everyones story is totally different for so many reasons. Some people are into the circus, some people are into grasshoppers (haven’t found that couple, but if you do send them my way. that could be fun) and then some people like bevin and josh are into beer, making music together, their pups and josh is a chef, so he cut up some pineapple! So many thing about this in home engagement session, in gettysburg, were extremely personal. And i am so so happy to share these images with you. Look on, y’all!

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