a romantic proposal at moore cove falls dave & joslyn asheville nc

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this was seriously one of those meant to be type things. dave had contacted me asking me to photograph him proposing to joslyn. well, it just so happened that my family and i were traveling to asheville nc very close to when he was looking to propose. we chatted and started to make a plan. it wasn’t easy, but we made it work! joslyn is an amazing florist. when she lived in lancaster we had done a shoot together and i was instantly obsessed. so when we made the plans to go to asheville i had contacted her to see if he wanted to do a styled shoot. so dave had said to me “what if we were the models” – yeah! boom! that was exactly the plan we needed. it was perfect. so joslyn and i connected with an incredible makeup artist in asheville – emily dawn makeup –  and an amazing hair stylist – hair by natalie  – and we pampered her up! joslyn foraged some wildlife flowers to put in her hair, which was just a great added personal touch.

 we began the session with photographing just her. i told her i wanted to begin with just her and then throw dave in once i was ready. i told dave that when i called him down that i was going to say to them “I’m just going to get my lighting right, hold on one sec” and that was his “cue” to pop the question. he hesitated just a tiny second, trying to grab the ring box in his pocket, and then he got down and asked. joslyn screamed and squealed and immediately blacked out (her words) and dave had to say “does this mean yes?” she was so ecstatic that she couldn’t even get the word “yes” out! she cried, and then trembled. yes, straight up trembled to the ground. (this was my favorite part) – isn’t it such a crazy thing. love? its such a strong emotion. it can bring your brain straight up to euphoria. and getting to witness/photograph this happening was bonkers, yo! my hands began trembling and shaking because i was just so excited for them. the energy and emotion in the air was sky high soaring through the water drops falling from the waterfall.

the location was epic. asheville itself (which were now obsessed with) is just up my alley. (would love to book some asheville weddings, elopements or proposals.  just saying. i’d love to be an asheville wedding photographer, heyyyy-oooo) proposals are gorgeous things always, but when your in a unique and naturally raw location it brings out so much more. moore cove falls, in pisgah national forest was the exact location of where we were. there are like 5 million waterfalls in asheville, but this one i think worked just great. we only had a few people around, so it was quite private!

dave and joslyn, i am blessed beyond words that you allowed me to capture the love you two have. i am SO excited to continue on watching and photographing your journey in life.

“The Notebook better watch out”

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