the death of summer a darker deeper bridal look

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Sarah Benner

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i love weddings. i really do. i love original, modern, boho looking brides. i love it all. but sometimes, i like to think a little deeper and darker. bring out some feelings in a bridal look that you wouldnt normally see. a bride, in my words, doesnt always mean it has to be marrying someone. a bride is a word to define submission, a half of a relationship. but maybe, just maybe a bride could be mourning instead of celebrating. and THAT is what this bridal look was all about.  this bride is meant to be mourning the luxuries and warmth of summer, but also to be mourning something much deeper. i’ll leave it up to you. run with your imagination. and create a story as to what you think she’s mourning. and tell me, what do you think?

vendors involved ::

hair/makeup <> the bonafide ginger ||| flowers <> splints and daisies ||| venue <> historic shady lane ||| table <> barnes handcrafted farmhouse tables  ||| model <> becky babish

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  1. Heather D. says:

    I love the dark, moody feeling, the rich colors and makeup. Absolutely stunning!!

  2. Jordan R. says:

    I love everything about this! The last picture though with the smoke, oh my god, she looks so fierce, holy gorgeous! Amazing work as always!

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