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well she’s done! the website is donezo. i really wasn’t planning on doing anything at all with my website, and I’m not sure why i wasn’t. but really, i was not. and then i woke up with a hair up my butt and thought, WHY NOT! its a new year. my work has progressed and the work i have on my site now is old school at this point. and people deserve to see current work. especially future clients. so i chugged along and deleted everything and started from pure scratch.

so here it is! i really want to thank each one of you for taking the time to look through my new site. its hard work putting something like this together. so having a few people check it out makes it feel oh so worth it. even if its only 3 people. 🙂 you people matter. you matter to me. and i am DEEPLY appreciative of all your support and encouragement. you have no idea what those little “likes”, comments and “loves” can do for me. i wish i could give you all the world. 

i figured i might as well start off the new site with a blog post of a session ive been holding onto since last october. a little anniversary shoot. some hott people in the calm waters of west coast florida. anna maria island. pretty sure you’ll get all the feels i felt while shooting this. <3 

thanks again loves. 

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