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there is always some sort of something in my mind that i want to create. and it generally pulls me towards texture, shadows and bright light. and to me, i find that mostly in cities. places full of differences and diversity. and the shoot did just that for me. we wanted to attempt a winter bridal look. and with each detail involved you’ll see the resemblance of winter. (probably should have thrown a shawl on or something. poor girl. but she rocked it like it was 80 degrees!) 

tara (splints and daisies) blew me away once again with her flower skills. flowers are an incredibly important detail of your wedding day. brides tend to skimp of this part, but to me flowers can make or break your photos. i know I’m always driven just a wee bit more when the flowers are on point. and i mean how can i not when you have florists like this to create floral magic for you!

and makeup. can we just take a moment and talk about this metallic ombre lip?! veronica (veroniques creative artistry) was literally jumping up and down with excitement over how this look turned out. she totally went for a more winter bridal look but the colors were so flattering to the models skin and it couldn’t have gone any better with the florals!! i was utterly obsessed with this winter makeup look! 

AND THAT PANT SUIT?! yeah. I’m pretty obsessed with it too. like i kinda just wanna wear it all day everyday.  posh bridal was so incredibly gracious with allowing us to use this pant suit! this was created by the owner and designer, janell. more brides NEED to wear a pant suit. its glamorous and fabulous while still super bridal looking. 

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  1. OH that yellow wall! These are beautiful girl. Way to go!!

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