california from LA to big sur and all in between

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obviously, as many of you know or may have seen, freeman and i just returned from a little vacation him and i took this past week. why? well cool, thank you for asking. I’m going to actually tell you why. so we have this band we love that is at the staple of our relationship named animal collective. (I’m sure people get sick of me talking about them on social media but if you can appreciate musical and creative talent and the uniqueness in sounds then you should check them out too. ask me, i’ll give you an album to look up) — newayzzzz, when we saw last winter that they would be doing an animal collective camping weekend in big sur we were both questioning each other if we should take the jump and book, or if we should just let it go. but the fact that we had a horrible honeymoon in california we kinda felt like it was fate and that we should go. so it was some cold weekday in the winter and my grandmother had come over 10 minutes before i needed to be at my computer screen to get the tix (they sold out in 10 min) – but low and behold I GOT THEM! fantasizing about our vacation, we begun to plan our trip. and we are now mourning the end of our trip. 

I’m going to walk you through our trip by sections. so anywhere you see this annoying slab of black text you’ll know I’m just informing you of whats going on. 

the beginning of our trip was a lot of time wasted. we were 6 minutes late to our check in time for our flight which landed us on another flight. that flight was not direct. so we had to go to san fran and wait for 2 hours then finally make it to la. we got to la, and got ourselves to the car rental place. waiting in line for about 45 minutes just to be told that we cannot use a different credit card for the security deposit than what we used for the actual payment. then ubered to our air bnb. ( in the meantime of all this happening i am coming down with some awful sickness) ate dinner and laid down to get some rest. slept for a few hours but woke up to the sound of helicopters all over our building and around. spotlight was on shining all around. about an hour of this (and me shaking with a fever) and i began hearing guys yelling “get on the ground!” i got up to go pee and saw a cop with his gun up. the second i step away from the window, bOOm he’s shot the guy. or attempted. heard more yelling and then it was silent. just helicopters. next morning all of the alleys and roads around us are completed taped off with LAPD. detectives. police. and all that. it was insane. FINALLLLLLLLLLY we were on our way to big sur. so enjoy our trip. 


some random information i just want to shout out: we stayed at fernwood resort and loved it! camping beside the big sur river and hearing it while you sleep was better than ever. the staff was so helpful and gracious. the general store there was KILLER!!! small, but everything good. including sorbet. what general store has sorbet .. ALSO the people from the surrounding camp sites. we were so lucky to be able to enjoy this weekend with such awesome people!! from all over the US. this is us, looking all cheesy the morning after the 2nd night. (you should have seen everyone after the first night ….) 

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  1. Tasha says:

    It looks like you had an amazing time! These photographs are amazing! Please blow some up and hang them in your home!!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow sarah, crazy start to your trip but now you have quite a story to tell. Once your trip really got going, what a beautiful place to be! And such a beautiful way that you captured it (as usual!) 🙂 I feel like I was there…So much energy, a sense of freedom and discovery. Love it!!

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