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it takes a really long time to figure everything out when it comes to your business. your style. your vibe. your branding and to be more specific, the way you deliver your weddings. sigh. over the years i have tried to figure out what would be best for me and good things take a long time. so these wedding delivery boxes I’m about to show you took me about a year to plot up in my mind. 

it all started with those triangle soaps. when i was browsing on instagram one day i came across Barsoap Booklyn and literally could not believe HOW MUCH they matched my branding. like whaaaaa? this can’t be. but they did! (and you guys need to check out her site. everything is so amazing and unique. and her branding i am literally obsessed with.) so i went ahead and bought a few. then those sat around as my brain plotted and thought of more ideas. then recently i went to micheals and just walked around. i grabbed about 7 super random items as inspiration pieces. i work best that way when it comes to things like this. its probably my indecisiveness coming into play. 😛 

so then one night veronica, (as you all know as one of my really good friends and my main squeeze makeup artist), came to hang out and i showed her all of my inspo pieces. i asked her for her help as she’s an artist as well, and together we came up with THESE BELOW! so with the help of her and my lovely husband i can finally now say that i have a wedding delivery system. and i am freaking thrilled! its about time! 

thank you guys for reading this whole thing, if you actually did. 😛 and if you did read this and are looking to book a wedding: if you tell me that you read this whole thing and looked at this whole blog post i will give you 5% off any wedding package. 🙂 


-first and foremost you always receive a wood print with any wedding package. that is the large wood like thing in the box if you dont know what I’m talking about. haha. these comes in 8×10 and you choose your photo print of choice. these seem to be such a winner with my couples!

-secondly, you receive print rights to all of your photos on this customized usb. its a heavy glass usb with my logo branded on it. so that means dont lose it! 😛 my husband and i have a bet that he thinks people will just throw these in a drawer when they get it and i feel sick at that thought. i say that they will be smart with it because its a high quality usb. so we will see. 🙂 a huge thanks to Design Aglow for supplying such amazing products. 

and the soap i already mentioned. 🙂 Barsoap Brooklyn. the bomb diggity. 

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  1. Ashley says:

    I literally die for these boxes!!! They are literally so very you!

  2. Yass!! These boxes are everything. So proud of you! 😍

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