free spirited young ladies peters mountain

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Sarah Benner

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im not sure what it is about these girls. but their soul spoke to mine and i felt connected. i felt like i was back in 12th grade, and i flipping loved it. you forget the spirit and wildness that once lived in your temple. you could sense they’re yearning for freedom. almost there. at this point graduation was just around the corner. and i am feeling so lucky to have been able to give these girls the chance to have these images to look back on, 10 years from now. joanna, kay and randi: dont ever let your free-spirits go. cling onto your love of life for as long as you can. and always remember how beautiful you are as you venture through the hardships of life. <3 

a huge thanks to juliana bird photography for making this shoot even possible. she planned all of this and was the lady in charge. <3 thank you! 

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