a rainy friday mechanicsburg pa wedding taniesha + tom

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Sarah Benner

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taniesha and tom. boy. where do i even begin with them. they are a photographers dream. you guys have to understand, when a couple opens up in front of your camera and love like no one is watching, a emotion based photographer will just die with excitement. and these two completely fit that criteria. its such a beautiful thing to witness two people embracing, connecting and loving. for real. its flipping incredible. thank you taniesha and tom for being SUCH A JOY to work with. I’m really going to miss these people. I have post wedding withdrawal from these two. ( the one downside of having awesome clients) 

check out their killer rainy friday wedding below. the first look is EVERYTHING! 

people who contributed to their yellow dream wedding:

makeup: veroniques creative artistry <> flowers: pamelas flowers <> cake: sweet confections <> venue: park inn <> 2nd shooter: erica engle <> video: jason nardis 

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  1. Alastasia says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I Love every photo!

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