a brunchity brunch kind of wedding lancaster pa wedding corey & jenny unite.

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lets take it back to may 2nd, my first wedding of 2015! it was HOT yes, but the weather itself was picturesque. the breeze was just enough and the connection between these two souls was beautiful and perfect. when i met up with corey and jenny back in the fall, they had told me that brunch was their favorite meal of the day – so as they were speaking i was secretly hoping they would have a brunch wedding – and BOOM “were having a brunch wedding” just. like. that. i really love that corey and jenny took something so special between each other and made it the BASE of their day. 

there is just something about a morning wedding. i don’t know about you, but for me I’m always more peppy and raring to go in morning. my energy level is sky high – ask my best friend..all through high school we would sit in home room and i would be talking and talking while she would kindly tell me to shut up – but anyways, morning weddings kind of have my heart. now don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for sunset ceremonies as well .. but there really is just something about the feeling and atmosphere of a morning wedding. 

a huge thanks to eicher arts center for providing a super cool, intimate location.

now to the goodies. you gotta check out the first look not only with the groom, but with the parents too! priceless. <3

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