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my goal always when photographing anyone is to tell a story. i want my work to scream emotion. i want it to scream art. i want you to look and immediately feel what the photographed people are feeling. to me, my work is more than just a photo you see on Facebook while scrolling through your news feed. i want my work to be what you STOP on while scrolling through that news feed. i want it to make you think. see things in a new perspective. and this “trash the dress” session is FULL of make you thinks, and emotion. 

what is a “trash the dress” session you may ask? i have quite a few people ask me  “what the hell is a trash the dress session?” well its as simple as this – ITS A CELEBRATION! either your celebrating YOURSELF where a marriage or engagement didn’t work out, or you are wanting to celebrate the beauty of your wedding all over again in a more artistic personal way. so it doesn’t matter what the situation, you TRASH – KILL – TORURE your beautiful wedding gown. we turn that puppy into ART! whether its paint, water, knives etc we will bring out the beauty of that gown in a new way. and out of this comes raw, true freaking beautiful emotion. (you’ll see for yourself below)(p.s. you’ll see some of ashleys good friends below in some photos, so just to clarify friends make everything more fun!)

ashley, engaged in the recent past, ready to move on from the situation, came and asked me to do a “trash the dress” session. she was ready to put all of a memory to rest. and make absolute beauty out of dark deep hurtful emotions. and guys, thats exactly what she did. her words exactly after the session was over and she saw some sneeks “it was so freeing.” goal. completed. 🙂 i have to share this one image first with you all. i feel like i just want to explain it to you all in the way that i see it. i really didn’t realize the similarity in the photo and situation until i went to edit it..


what i see: i see tolerance, peace, bliss, a calm soul in the midst of the hands which to me symbolize an attack: anger, a bully, sadness and confusion.

<<<but in the midst of the hands, the strong woman still stands>>>



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  1. Jorge says:

    Beautiful ash

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