Lakeside Backyard Micro Wedding

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We love an intimate occasion, especially when it’s a lakeside backyard micro wedding! Jackie and Kayla live on a lake in New Jersey, which offered a stunning backdrop during the ceremony. Along with gorgeous waterfront views, the couple’s house offered a convenient location because lots of their family members live right down the road. The two welcomed their guests into a familiar space to make new memories, proving that home can be the perfect wedding venue.

By keeping their wedding local, Jackie and Kayla also got to include their cats throughout the day. These two absolutely adore their cats, and the affectionate interactions we captured melted our hearts. After the ceremony, the adorable kitties were the first to get attention. Plus, during the reception, the pets celebrated with their own cat-feast. If you’re thinking of including your pets at your wedding, then we say to go for it! The sweetest moments can come from sharing this special day with your fur babies.

On top of hosting their own wedding, Jackie and Kayla planned their entire wedding in one month. Yes, you read that correctly. ONE MONTH. As you can see, they pulled it off! Kayla’s mom created the floral arrangements, while Jackie and Kayla tackled the rest of the details. The day flowed seamlessly, and everyone had a fantastic time celebrating together. The guests expressed the most genuine kindness and love, welcoming each other into their families. Both brides received an outpouring of love from their family in friends. Overall, this intimate wedding featured the best aspects of a small celebration, where love was translated into laughter. For this lakeside backyard micro wedding, Jackie and Kayla showed that love truly is all you need for a joyous celebration.

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