Bohemian Philadelphia Engagement Session

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This bohemian Philadelphia engagement session has us wishing we were frolicking in fields, too! For a couple who loves the outdoors, Taylor and Will had the cutest idea to do a picnic engagement session. Their vision came to life in a session that was both lighthearted and deeply romantic. Truly, one of those photo shoots that had us melting.

Another absolutely heartwarming thing about Taylor and Will is their infatuation with each other. As Taylor described it, they fell head over heels from the day they met! On their first day working together, Will asked Taylor on a date. What started as a hike turned into a four hour talk, ending with an intensely passionate yet sweet goodbye kiss. A few months later, they said “I love you” through nervous giggles, knowing they were destined to be together. And now, five years later, they’re engaged!

The proposal happened in Portland, Maine after Taylor and Will spent the day adventuring together. For their day trip, the two booked a dreamy Airbnb with a terrace surrounded by picturesque lavender and vine walls. After exploring the city, they grabbed a fancy dinner to enjoy outside. At that point, Taylor recounts telling Will, “I think this might be the best day of my life” even before the proposal! Later that evening, they went to see a gorgeous sunset. While they were getting a photo together, Will knelt down on one knee and gave Taylor a look that expressed the deepest love and admiration. How sweet?!

These two have the most youthful love for each other. Likewise, their session was full of playful, endearing moments. Taylor and Will perfectly embody what it means to share a carefree and whimsical love in their bohemian Philadelphia engagement session.

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