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Shelby and Lex had us down to Baltimore last November, for an amazing and fun baltimore engagement session.

These two are an absolute hoot. They have such different personalities that complement each other in the best way possible. They are so incredibly sweet and really made us feel welcomed.

When we arrived, and i say “we” as in you know, my best friend and prime makeup artist Vero Leigh. We began by just hanging out and having lunch that they so graciously made. We had some time to just sit and chat about life and wedding, before starting makeup.

We began makeup and then started to pick out which outfits were going to work best with the baltimore setting. Shelby and Lex live in baltimore! They live in the cutest area, that consists of a really cool indoor market, really unique storefronts and roads that are full of history and bricks. These two wanted to be sure that their fun baltimore engagement session took place in the city that meant the most to them both.

So we browsed along the streets in their neighborhood in Baltimore, and whatever we came across that i was inspired with, we shot at. These two really left it up to the inspiration of the streets and buildings!
We stumbled upon this incredible alley in Baltimore. OMG. This place was everything. I mean it barely looked like it was in Baltimore. This is Europe, right?
 Can we just take a moment and admire their cute selves? Seriously.
This is an indoor market in Baltimore that was really hip and cool. They both loved the idea of grabbing a drink and chilling by this sick looking bar. I think it matched their personalities and styles pretty well!
I really enjoyed photographing these two and their fun Baltimore engagement session.

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