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Sarah Benner

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when jen had contacted me explaining how her wedding portraits weren’t what she dreamt of, and she was looking for a more natural approach to her wedding portraits, i was siiiiiiiked. can you imagine though? all of that money you pay a photographer. all of the time spent conversing back and forth with them. you kind of give a part of your heart to your wedding photographer. so when and if you receive your wedding photos and they really aren’t everything you dream of your completely crushed. it kinda made me imagine myself as a superhero with a camera. (but no cape guys because I’m really not into that whole superhero obsession) i was ready to get these two the wedding portraits they deserved! and noooooo better place than bushkill falls. like for real though. straight up looked like ireland, but in the poconos. so yah, scroll on through! these two are the real deal. super in love. super intimate. super made for each other. 

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