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yes, it was really cold outside and yes it was windy. and why did we decide to do this now instead of in a few months? well, because sometimes creativity just can’t wait! veronica of veroniques creative artistry decided that she wanted to creatively direct a shoot based around a tribal look and body art. (veroniques creative artistry) and for once i was just the photographer. cara gregory (instagram – caragregorybeauty ) did all of the hair and nailed it!! and our beautiful model’s name is caron. and sarah of sarah brookhart photography shot as well!

i wanted to separate this blog post into colors and black and whites. i wanted you all to feel something totally and completely different. for some reason, black and whites really spoke to me for this. it really emphasized the art of the paint and the details of it all. the nudity wasnt even purely clear to me because the body art came off as clothing for me. i looked past everything else and saw culture and diversity.  

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