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as i sit here and try to type something inspiring and real about my family and being on this trip with them, my toddler is beside me crying because he doesn’t feel like eating his dinner. quite the environment for writing, huh? okay, now he’s stopped. its just little whimpers and sighs. HA

anyway. so. this trip. well, this was our first family camping trip we’ve ever taken. so the fear of the unknown was a little scary. as it always is. but that little fear didnt prove itself. our trip ended up almost basically perfect. we hiked. we swam in a lake. we laughed. we made smores and seafood. you know. typical camping stuff. but you want to know one of the things i took away from this trip was that i need to be sharing more personal experiences. i mean with my business. i need to showcase the love between my boys. the love between my husband and i. and the love between all of us 4. and what better way to do that than to use my camera and not my dumb phone. photographing my family brought me such crazy amounts of joy. it brought me different feelings than what i feel when I’m photographing clients. i feel so freaking lucky to have this talent and photograph my kids lives in a unique creative sort of way. its awesome. and i love that they are so willing and open for allowing me to do it. <3 my family deserves what i give my clients AND MORE.

another thing that i really appreciate and took away from this trip was simplicity. pure simplicity. one thing i absolutely love (but sometimes hate) about my husband is that he is simple. so simple. he makes ends meet with lots of things. he is an under packer. he brings what he needs without all of the whistles and bells. and isn’t that what camping is all about?? finding the simplicity that our normal lives lack? being able to simply and literally enjoy nature and life without worrying about “things”? i think so. and i think simplicity is one of the keys to a happy life. <3

i hope you all enjoy the serious, but goofy and fun loving photos of my family. i am no where to be found in these, but thats okay. 😛 

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