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i never expected this to happen. i never expected a girl i met last june, that turned into a good friend of mine, would turn into being someone who would work with me! create magic with me. be awkward with me. have anxiety with me. laugh with me. eat fatty foods with me. drink wine with me. jam to old r&b with me. talk about God knows what with me. have the same visions as me. think the same as me. say the same things as me. and yeah, you get the picture. were basically sisters separated at birth. i feel like we almost had that moment from parent trap where the 2 lindsey lohans connect their photos and realize they are twins. yeah, almost. we were meant to be. 

with all of that love being spewed, what i am getting at is that i have officially decided to hire on this chick as my second shooter for weddings! when she came out of the woodwork and said that she would love to second shoot weddings i was shocked. and some of my friends were like you need to get on that. so BOOM! i attacked her with my ninja skills and took her down and said “your now my bitch.” so there you have it. just like that i took her on. 

i feel so blessed to have found someone who fits every single checkmark of my wants/needs. she just kind of came out of nowhere and swept me off of my feet. ( i mean, they claim you find love when your least looking for it, right? ) so i am beyond excited to start creating with her. i can’t wait to see where this wedding season takes us! <3 heres to our new journey, michele suits. and because you love your suit puns::  #sarchele (our together forever name) and #hersuit (what do you call a german, hairy cross dresser? – her suit) 

guys, go check her out! http://michelesuits.com and her insta is @micheladelphia — please go look at her talent. her artistic eye is incredible. she’s the most perfect perfectionist. i wish i was as perfect as she is. <3 get it girl. 

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