tori wears her mother’s wedding gown

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when trying to come up with the right words to say, and the reasoning behind this story and why i did this, i figured it would be a lot easier to just send you the link to tori’s story. the chances of tori ever having the choice to wear her mothers wedding gown is slim. so, this fantastic idea was brought to me by lesa, tori’s mom, to do a session with tori wearing her mother’s wedding dress. here is the story below:

this meant the world to me to have lesa ask me to do this. nothing invigorates me more than being able to use my talents for things like this. having the opportunity to bless someones life with my creativity is just .. well no words can describe. but especially since this little one is related to me, its really near and dear to my heart.

i want to thank foster flowers for the incredible head pieces. little did she know that lesa’s fav flower is a daisy. which the one headband was full of! 

grab the tissues. the story alone will touch you. 

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  1. cathy snook says:

    They are so beautiful and what an awesome idea to do Lesa for your beautiful daughter!!! She looks as beautiful I’m sure as you did on your Wedfing Day!!!! Tears to my eyes to see such beautiful pictures and the photographer caught such great moments and expressions that can never be replaced!!!!! Love them.. Cathy Snook…. ❤ xoxoxo 😀 😇👰

  2. Becky M says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Cindy Day Williams says:


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