dark & stormy a couples wish outer banks wedding

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“now join hands and with your hands your hearts” — william shakespeare

quaint and small is exactly what Misti and Phil wanted for their wedding day. they planned their wedding just under 5 months and really wanted to elope, but they settled for an outer banks wedding instead. which is where they became engaged, and it is such a foundation to their relationship. when talking about what they wanted for their wedding day photos, they jokingly said a huge storm. storm clouds. and i of course wasn’t able to order that for dinner. but, what do you know, this one in a lifetime thing happened and 5 minutes after the ceremony the storm clouds they ordered arrived. the venue was on a “sound” so in front of the venue were the black clouds rolling in. and on the other side was blue sky. the combination of what the earth supplied for these two was phenomenal, and honestly a once in a lifetime thing.


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