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“what greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life — to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” – george eliot

i have been going through a lot lately. and when i say a lot, i mean a lot. personal life stuff. and its been really getting me down. its been suffocating my brain and creating a monster out of me. when things get bad between a family member it makes all things difficult. its been controlling my every thought and my every move and making me feel feelings I’m not interested in feeling. and guess what it sucks. but guess what else, i have the option to let it control me or not. YOU are in control of your feelings. you can choose to rid the poison and not let it infest you. you can choose to see the blue sky through a pitch black storm. and just like the normal cliche photography quote you can “develop from the negatives.” thats the only way i have found to get through such horrible times. and you know what, it actually works. when you train your mind it listens and steers. 

these kids in this post are my cousins. by blood. and i freaking love them to pieces. they fuel my smile. they make me laugh. they give the best hugs and they have such genuine hearts. i mean, they are kids after all. right? they have been going through adult like stuff lately, and they obviously do not deserve it. so i wanted to create a post that was dedicated to them. i am not gifted in photographing families, but this was important to me to showcase this family. (the kids dad and their stepmom) –  and just to showcase family love. family is so important. it molds us and creates who we are before we truly find out who we are. so those childhood years mean everything to a kid. 

please, i hope you enjoy the smiles of these children – julian, willow, zoe & ella. let them inspire you. let them let you feel joy. and better yet, go grab your kids, parents, cousins, uncles etc .. and give them a huge hug. squeeze them so tight. and tell them, that you love them. and mean it. 

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