romance at its finest historic shady lane engagement session scott + bridgette

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Sarah Benner

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” still a little bit of your face i haven’t kissed ” 

get ready for your hearts to be ripped out with romanticness. this is basically like watching the notebook in stills. these two are so in love that i barely even had to do anything to get them to interact. they naturally come in close. they naturally look at each other with that little “look”. they naturally lightly touch each other’s face. scott, even, kisses bridgette’s hand. when have you seen that last in real life? i just love them and who they are as individuals and as a couple. their wedding at historic shady lane next year will be absolutely amazing i am sure! 

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  1. Clare Flannery Gan says:

    WOW! Once upon a time there was a boy named Scott and a girl named Bridgette. They fell in love, and their love continues to grow and blossom after nearly six years. It is a spiritual experience to know them and view these gorgeous photographs. Here’s to "Happily Ever After."

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