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ALERT : i loved this session so much, but i must warn you that it is with my old camera and my old editing. yes, its only from july, but a lot of things have changed since then. being a picky creative artist i just feel the need to say before i continue. were our own worst critic, right?! but this session was to good to pass up. plus, i have their wedding coming soon and I’m so pumped! 

okay so now i can share some love about these people. I LOVE THEM! i love everything about their love, their connection and their willingness to love in front of the camera. choosing longwood gardens was probably the coolest place they could have chosen. especially for them. her flower halo blended perfectly with all of the summer flowers and christine’s father (from what i can remember) is a big gardener so were keeping the flowers in the family. hehe I’m not kidding when i saw you have to scroll the whole way through these wonderful summer photos. it’ll warm you up and keep you smiling! <3 

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  1. S. Pray says:

    Longwood Gardens is my favorite place on the planet. My fiance proposed to me there. I would have given anything to have engagement photos there, too. So neat to look through this post, because I know every single square foot of that place and I love to feel at home there, even if it’s just on my computer screen.

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