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I truly never imagined that i would come to this day. but i have. and while it is extremely scary and forces me to step out of my comfort zone, it is also extremely exciting and a sign that i am growing! 

i have always battled with the idea of having a full-time second shooter. I mean i’ll be honest: i am a control freak and i like to control everything (haha, I’m probably being to open right now) so the thought of having a second shooter just go and hang out with the boys to capture candids scares the crap out of me because “i am not in control.” but this needs to stop. truth is, i worked as a second shooter for 3 years before i started my own business so I’m basically being a hypocrite right now. and since i worked as a second i know how incredibly beneficial it is to have one! sooooo its time to put my selfish/control weird human being feelings to the side. 


sarah b photography is a growing business. it is strictly a natural light photography biz that focuses on finding art and different creative views through basically chasing light. wherever it goes, we follow. we are emotion based. everything we shoot is based on emotion and details. (no sears portrait stuff here)  we are very determined to capture moments that you don’t know exist: to create your story: to photograph little and big moments of your love that may or may not make you tear up. 🙂 


so .. if you are interested – shoot me an email at sarah.b.photography00@gmail.com. please explain to me why you feel like you would be a terrific fit and send me a link to a portfolio of yours. having a similar style and vision is really important to me. <3 

and a few other off-topic must haves if you are wondering : 

 + you have to be willing to get out on the dance floor and dance your booty off, because i mostly end up there towards the end of the night because music is just in my soul and i just can’t resist .. like a mouse trying to resist cheese type of thing. 

+ you have to be willing to have a loud mouth. to handle those groomsmen, because we all know how they can be sometimes .. 

+ you have to be wiling to laugh. a lot. 

+  you have to be willing to hang out with me. 😛

+ and you must be adventurous. like rolling all over the ground, climbing through thorns and beehives adventurous. 

i am so so so excited to see who inquires! and please feel free to share with friends if you feel this isn’t the thing for you! 

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  1. Tanna Strnger says:

    So happy that you are growing. You deserve every good thing that comes your way. We cherish the pics you took of Logan and our family and can’t wait to have you back to shoot Maverick’s senior pics. Prayers that the "right fit" answers your ad to help you grow a wonderful business.

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