emotional & intimate stocks manor wedding jamie + steve unite.

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so this wedding was quite spectacular. like really spectacular. the weather was a tad bit warmer for a may 15th wedding, but it was just right. the venue was stocks manor in mechanicsburg pa. and boy is it a pretty one! i feel like it really fit jamie and steve just right. elegant and classy. 

what really stood out to me was the connection and obvious love that was flowing from person to person at this wedding. especially between jamie, steve and their 3 daughters. when i photograph weddings that the couple already have children, it really enhances and changes the whole overall feel of how i shoot. because i am not just looking for the couple and their connection, i am looking for connections between the kids and the parents too since this is such a big day for them as well. well, i barely had to look far when the ceremony started! the one daughter gave a speech that even had me tearing up behind the camera. seriously! it was incredible! and lucky you, i have gotten special access to this speech and if you scroll down through the photos YOU will have the chance to read it! word for word! <3

please guys, look through this intimate and emotional wedding. i am sure you all will be able to relate with one part or another. 

vendor lovin’

my makeup homegirl – veroniques creative artistry ||| venue – stocks manor ||| cake – PA bakery ||| flowers – linda latchford ||| dj – dj statik 



For those of you who don’t know me, I am the daughter of the groom and soon-to-be step-daughter of the bride, although it doesn’t seem that way. I feel like I’ve been Jamie’s daughter my whole life. From the moment I met her, when she stepped out of her car wearing heels and a fur vest, I knew we would get along great. I relate to Jamie the way a daughter relates to her own mother. She is caring, compassionate, and outgoing; things I see in myself and my father. That’s what makes them such a perfect match. I cannot imagine my dad with anyone else but the woman standing next to him right now and I’m sure he’s thinking the same thing. When I look at you two I see unconditional love and respect. I see the passion that you have for each other. I often find myself staring at you two doing ordinary things, thinking and hoping that one day I would be lucky enough to find my one true love like you two have. The ora of love and happiness that radiates off of you when you two are together is undeniable. This is the happiest I’ve seen my father in my whole life. Jamie, when he looks at you it looks like he’s looking at the stars and the moon. I look forward to watching you two grow old and wrinkly together. So thank you, Jamie, for taking care of us and bringing wonderful people into our lives. Thank you, Dad, for always being there for us and loving us no matter what. You two are the most perfect role models three kids could ask for. May your future be as wild and as beautiful as you two are.

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  1. Veronica Lugo says:

    This is just beautiful!!!

  2. M Merovich says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. Judy Sauve' says:

    This is absolutely beautiful from the first picture to the last sentence in the letter to you, Jamie and Steve. What a loving and caring tribute to both of you.

  4. Jamie Croft says:

    I can’t get enough…I wish I could re-live 5/15/15 over and over again. It was beautiful from start to finish!

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