a christmas tree farm engagement session <> cat & george

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Sarah Benner

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we froze our freaking tushes off for the prettiest christmas tree farm engagement session. sure the sun was out, but don’t let that fool you. the wind was whipping on this most gorgeous christmas tree farm. if you are into the whole christmas tree farm vibe for an engagement session, this is the place to do it of sure. the owners dogs name was even “santa paws” …. so yeah.

so cat and george are HUGE troopers. first off they trekked from Queens to come to this christmas tree farm for their engagement session. they showed up in a sick FIAT, with their adorable pup, GIZMO. (see his squeezable face below) cat and george have this ahhhhamzing goofiness and realness about themselves. george should probably be a stand up comedian. his one liners are fantastic and clever. 😛 and cat just goes right along with it and it makes me so happy. they wore the most adorable things for a christmas tree farm engagement session. including cat’s shiny bright skirt that seriously glittered in the sunlight. seriously had the best time with these two and i cannnnnnot wait for their wedding next october. <3

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