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my attempt at (trying) to be a california wedding photographer.

but no really. 

anytime i travel i try so hard to find someone, anyone, to photograph. for many reasons. one being because I’m obsessed with human connection all around the world. its so cool to see who knows who and how small of a world it really is. you build one connection in an area your looking to work at more, and your planting a tree of life that will hopefully grow branches of couples. and for me that would be couples in california looking for a wedding photographer. one of the huge things in our industry is finding our ideal client and chasing after just that. our ideal client normally has a certain style/personality and those things match with a location somewhere in the world. i have learned over the years that these opportunities do not just fall into our laps. we have to chase them. if we want to be working in a certain area of the world then we HAVE to put the work in for it! for me, personally, i have dreamt for years (since i visited california for the first time in 2014) of becoming a wedding photographer who photographs at least 5 weddings in california a year. north south and in between. so that way i could explicitly call myself a “california wedding photographer” when it came to SEO and all of that shiz, i wanted to be able to go so hard on it without feeling guilty that i hadn’t photographed a single couple in the state. well, i can now, with a good conscious, post california wedding photographer hashtags and such without feeling like a flop. staying persistent is key. and defining your ideal client is key.

if you haven’t done so yet, i highly highly recommend it creating your ideal client.

one thing that i found that works really well for me has been educating my clients. sure its kind of impossible to book every single couple as your ideal client. like i obviously do not book california couples getting married left and right. so when you take on clients that are not right in line with your idea client, then educate them! maybe they aren’t the best a fashion, which is A OK. help guide them through! maybe colors aren’t their thing. totally fine. just help them understand tones and how they can really set a personality. maybe they have zero idea about photoshoot locations! honestly, i have found numerous times that a lot of couples have zero idea about any of this stuff, and why would they!? so take them by the hand and guide them on through.

i am so blessed to have had such an incredible couple to photograph in california.

these two just did their thing. i didn’t have to do anything at all! they just loved and embraced and i couldn’t have had a more lovable couple to photograph at point reyes national park. and you know my favorite thing, ashley showed up with zero makeup on. literally felt like an alisha keys movement. i’m sure you can see how stunning her face is. a natural beauty at its finest. I’m so thankful they were willing to go anywhere. they lived 1.5 hours from point reyes national park but they didn’t even care. they were there for the sights, as was i. and to mix their love with what felt like the ends of the earth.

i am so blessed to have finally photographed a couple in california at point reyes national park. i truly am. keep working hard folks, and be patient. good things take time.

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