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this is going an emotional inspirational piece so excuse me while i positive rant.

this coming april it will be a full 5 years (beginning of 6th) that i have legally been in business. back in the spring of 2013, i never ever imagined or even thought out where i would be 5 years down the road. i think, honestly, i never thought i’d amount to anything. but that was because that’s what i was telling myself. i just figured i would make enough to get by. i would photograph enough weddings to be able to say i was “experienced” or “established.” but never did i ever think that i would make waves, or really find my place in the wedding industry. i had dreams, of course! but those dreams were all fragments of this fantasy world i created. 

well, it wasn’t until about two years ago when i really started to think more highly of myself. i started to think “hmmm, maybe i’ve got something here.” maybe just maybe i’ll make it big, and travel the world. and then in 2017, i did just that. i traveled to freaking france. my dreams started becoming reality. and inch by inch i began to believe in myself a little more. little puffs of dopamine would be released in my brain anytime i would get positive feedback, or a compliment or anything of that sorts. and those words of encouragement and support slowly turned around my view on myself and my business. 

the people. you all do not realize that YOU are what keep us going as artists. if were not getting positive feedback on our instagram posts, our stories, our Facebook posts, then we begin to feel inadequate. we begin to question ourselves and analyze every single thing we do. even though we know that “lack” of positive feedback does not mean that we aren’t doing well at all what so ever. its just how the artistic brain works. its how we critic ourselves. : i have learned that we cannot do that. and every little inch that we dive further into our businesses and the wedding industry we ARE making impressions. whether we see those impressions and the affects of them. THEY ARE HAPPENING. everywhere. all around you. so when you have an off day with the instagram algorithm, don’t doubt yourself. because your still making an affect. one person could have seen that post. and that single photo made a bride fall in love with your work. and boom. she hired you. all from that one photo. get what I’m saying? you must not give up. off days are ok, but giving up days are not excused. 

which brings me to this feature. this is really so special for me. this is a local magazine, who only features weddings once a year. and i just so happen to have 2 weddings and a styled look in susquehanna style. :: HOW?! (you may ask. or at least i used to ask myself the same thing back in the day. how the heck are these people getting featured?) WELL … networking people. NETWORKING. it’s all about communicating with vendors who will benefit your business. it’s all about making connections with those people. and these connections may me made through other vendors and so on down the line. but the fact of that matter is; you must try. you have to push yourself, and SUBMIT! you never know what an editor is looking for, and what you have may be exactly what they need! how will you know if you don’ try? even if you are introverted (which is clearly not me) you need to push yourself to talk with others and create a bubble of people who you can connect with at any given time. you cannot sit around and wait for things to happen. you must REACH OUT and push for what you want. you have to work hard!! and the benefits will come. i swear.

again, a huge thanks to everyone involved in making these features happen. the thanks needs to be given to so many more people than just the photographer. and this goes for every feature.

(first photo) SHANIECE: dress by Posh Bridal * makeup by Veroniques Creative Artistry * flowers by Splints and Daisies 

second photo (amanda and billy) venue is Historic Shady Lane * dress by Tamzen’s Bridal * makeup by Theresa Walker Makeup Artist * coordinator was Taryn Blake Events * catering was C&J Catering * flowers by Foster’s Flower Shop * videography by JHC Videography * rentals by On a Lark 

third photo (blake and kaisha) venue was the Booking House * makeup artist was Veroniques Creative Artistry * florals by Splints and Daisies * videography done by Monark Films * rentals by Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals * food by Heisey’s Diner * cake by

and a HUGEEEEEE THANKS TO SUSQUEHANNA STYLE for choosing sarah b photography to be apart of your 2017 wedding edition. 

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