happy birthday, veronica she’s a leo, not a virgo

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well here it is! another year with this broad. and what better way to celebrate than posting a really, sweet, but kind of embarrassing blog post about her. she deserves all of the attention today! 

im so SO thankful to have met this, now best friend of mine. and because most people always ask at weddings and such how we met I’m going to tell you our story now. so it was 2014 and it was about two months before my own wedding. i was asked to model for a bridal shoot and veronica was the makeup artist for this shoot. i walk in to her house and she begins playing the song “love never felt so good” – by justin timberlake and MJ. i started signing, she started signing and i was like ok ok, this girl likes good music. something just kind of clicked. we goofed and laughed. so after that shoot i was just like this girl needs to do my makeup for my wedding. and guess what, SHE DID! and then she attended my wedding. she danced with me and my friends in her bright neon green dress. and i am SO EXCITED that she was there to witness one of the most important days of my life. and from then on out we’ve been best friends. both professionally and personally. i miss her when I’m away from her too long, (even though she works down the road) – she’ll party in my office and dance with me for hours when I’m feeling down and she knows thats what i need – she’ll make me laugh when i need it most – she literally makes all women look like pure rockstars – she empowers everyone she meets and makes sure of it – she’s so freaking creative – her makeup talents is basically pure magic – she’s everything and more. and i love her. thank you veronica. <3

now to the photos ….. scroll down for the embarrassing ones. 😛 

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