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as i lay here, a day before my birthday, by the pool, with a yellow notebook and a yellow #2 pencil, i reflect. on everything. i reflect on my business, mental health and being a mom/wife. 

R E F L E C T.  thats it. that’s the key word. how much time do we give ourselves to really reflect. we’re so busy doing our duties. it leaves no room for change. and out of reflect comes change.

this personal work brought on those “i need to slow down and embrace the reflect” feelings. and the phrase i kept repeating while i shot was “think before you speak.” i have always struggled with this. i never really knew what it was like to slow down and think before i spoke. and that has gotten me into some pretty serious and yucky situations. and this can be applied in ALL areas of life. do you think before you speak to your children after they have something to upset you like drop a whole plate of food on the floor? or how about when you have a coworker who tries to bring up politics on the opposing side? or when something your significant other does to get under your skin? all of it. words are daggers. they cut deep. and they matter and can never be forgotten. 

that is what this session was for me. i invite you to interpret it in anyway you see fitting for yourself. these are my feelings, displayed through someone else, in the form of stills. 

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