gah. who likes writing bios? anyone? maybe narcissists. but that isn’t me. i’m just going to sit here and stare aimlessly at my screen until i can figure out what the heck to say.. “i enjoy long romantic walks on the beach..”

HA, well, i’ll start with hello! if you’re reading this, then you must want to know a few things about me; so i’ll start pretty personal. what do i do with my life besides holding a camera? well, i’m investing time in my children and husband. and i absolutely love it and them. we do a lot of camping and traveling, and i wouldnt have it any other way. were big nature people. apart from that you’ll find me stretching it out in the yoga studio. or dancing my butt off because i may be majorly obsessed with 90’s r&b. and music in general generates lots of really good vibes for me. i’m normally loving really really hard on my kitties. and i obviously enjoy indulging in my Bravo shows and ALL OF THE OTHER GUILTY PLEASURE SHOWS.  i LOVE spending as much time as i can at my parents’ beach house or anywhere with warmth and sun. i’m a super free spirit and believe in the power of women. i am constantly trying to make the best out of my life and situations, even if they can be pretty awful sometimes. i see everyone equal and love them like there’s no tomorrow.

NOW, as far as that business junk .. welcome to the location where sarah rambles on about her business and the art of photography.

why do i do what i do? and why do i do it the way that i do? well, moments matter guys. REAL MOMENTS MATTER. not posed or forced Sears portrait moments. me personally, i thrive on nostalgia. it’s kinda one of my favorite things. so i want to create nostalgic moments for you. whether it’s your wedding day, engagement session or boudoir session. i want you to FEEL things when you see your galleries. i want you to REMEMBER your time with me as an experience, not just a “shoot”, and be connected even deeper. i want you to SEE your gallery no matter if its a month or years from when you were photographed, and be taken back to the moments you shared with your significant other or back to the confidence you had to love yourself as a woman. nothing is more exhilarating to me than bringing out those real, organic and raw emotions. and i will strive to achieve that until the day i die. I THRIVE ON NOSTALGIA. I THINK ITS ONE OF THE MAIN THINGS THAT CONNECTS US AS HUMANS ALL OVER THE FACE OF THE PLANET. MY GOAL IS TO CREATE NOSTALGIC EXPERIENCES FOR YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS.  

over the years as i have progressed in my work, i have landed on my niches, which is weddings/elopements, boudoir, engagements or creative editorials. i am generally a full natural light photographer (unless if your reception calls for otherwise) but i will always utilize that God given sunlight and create fun things with it. i’m obsessed with textures and anything shadows, and i’m not afraid to have fun and push myself into a challenge.

well, thanks for reading peeps. i really appreciate it you taking the time to read about me and for the possibility to photograph life moments for you. if you want to know more, or inquire about using me click on the button below!