I’ll begin with a good bye.  Good bye to all your worries because I’m here to show you a good time.  I’ve come to really love not just photography, but the entire experience of a wedding day from start to finish.  I really enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect way to capture the natural lighting provided us, and of capturing perfect moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.  I’d say I’m more of an observer, which I think provides me with good perspective and allows me to step back and capture unique angles, framing, and emotion.  I like to let Sarah do the talking, which makes us great together, and we complement each other perfectly, as a couple and as a shooting team.  I put all my trust in her, and I feel confident that you can too.  I don’t enjoy writing about myself, so I’m trying to keep this short, but not so short that you think, “Hmm—he didn’t put much effort into that, did he?”  I enjoy long walks off short piers, bobbing for apples, and cartography.  I am a natural blonde and occasional prestidigitator.  I am a Scorpio-Aquarius cusp with six fingers on my right hand allowing me to palm a basketball like no other.