a view into why i do what i do natural boudoir featuring my first – kari anne.

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so. first off i want to thank you for really taking the time to click on my link and read into the world of why i shoot these sessions. i would LOVE if you could take a few minutes and read through the quotes i have provided. i feel as though its truly going to set the tone for what i am going to say. <3

BEYONCE (not the biggest fan, but like the quote) – but she said something that really spoke to me “we need to reshape our OWN perception of how we view ourselves. we have to step up as women and take the lead” 

COCO CHANEL – “a girl should always be two things. WHO and WHAT she wants.”

JON KRAKAUER – “it is not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.”


i know not everyone in this world is for these sessions. and i get it. they can be risquรฉ. you see cleavage, skin and some “sensual” faces. all around, your seeing a GIRL. a strong girl. a confident girl. a gorgeous girl and it can be intimidating. BUT don’t let it confuse you. this isn’t to be trashy or playboy bunny like, these are all about truly embracing yourself as a woman human being. and when you become comfortable in your own skin your true colors shine! and i feel like doing this in the outdoors where we use God’s natural creation as the most natural backdrop, really brings out even more beautifulness. I’m all about that “earthinggggggg.” barefeet, bare clothes type of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

us women, we hold a lot of power. but it is on some senses, looked down upon. but like miss beyonce put it so clearly, “we need to take the lead.” and by doing so, we have to let go of ALL perceptions. you can not let media tell you that your waist needs to be smaller, your boobies need to be bigger, your skin needs to be softer etc .. that stuff right there pisses me off! WHO IS “THE WORLD” TO SAY THAT?! what person in their right mind has access to claim that skinny is what we are to be!? NO! and this gives you reason 1 for why i do what i do. i am changing women’s perceptions of themselves from awful to phenomenal in the matter of a few hours. and i am transforming their mentality into a “i love who i am” mentality. <3

BE WHO YOU ARE! you want to eat a piece of cake? you want to drink a soda? you want a frap at starbucks? THEN DO IT! if its what you want, then say YES to yourself and just do it! you want to go back to school for nursing when you’ve already gone to school for something else? you want to drop your job and be a stay at home mom? THEN DO IT! everyone woman should have the right to be passionate about whatever their little hearts desire. now, i know its not always that easy. again, perception plays a role in this. us woman can be intimated, or our minds can be altered to think otherwise pretty easily but if you stick true to who you want to be then you will come out on the other side smiling and content. but for that to happen confidence needs to be gained. so reason 2 for why i do what i do:  i do all i can do to push push push that confidence drink down their throats! i mean, not that severe, haha, but kind of. ๐Ÿ˜‰ from the beginning stages of discussing what they will wear, to hair and makeup to shooting i am making sure that we keep the positivity flowing and giving words of wisdom and confidence. and thats just the beginning. the photos are a whole other picture of confidence. 

BE    S T R O N G. can you do it? yes you can. you will FEEL so very strong when the session is complete. like the biggest flow of adrenaline will just come rushing into you and a lightbulb will go off and you’ll think “wow, thats me and i feel so confident and strong.” you have tackled the entire process! so reason 3 of why i do what i do is i love to make woman feel strong.  

wrapping up : there are just so many things on a personal level of why i love doing these sessions. to name a few: the girls faces. wow, yeah seeing their eyes light up when i show them an image on the back of the camera is insane. and ALWAYS they will say “is that really me?” yeah honey child, IT IS! <3 oh and the positive vibes that just flow and flow from each girl after they are finished is exhilarating. it fills my heart with so much joy to know that my simple talent can empower a girl that way! but mostly, like I’ve stated up above .. when the session has gone and past the girl is STILL shining a beam of light, confidence, love, passion about themselves. its not just a one day type of thing. this is a lifetime type of thing. changing one girls’ heart at a time is what i plan to do. and i will keep on doing until someone cuts my hands off. or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

i just feel the need to share some words that are not mine with you. these are words from miss kari anne herself from the night of her session when we were finished.  (below) the connections and freaking friendships that i have made with these girls really really really make me happy. i take them all under my wing and anything they need i am here. i promise that. <3 you need a confidence boost at 3 am, I’m your girl! i’ll give you that shot! ๐Ÿ˜›

“I HAD A BLAST TONIGHT. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience that, the confidence, the happiness. I wouldn’t have been able to find that without you. It was so comforting to be able to connect with you. I will always carry this memory with me. Truthfully!!! You are an amazing woman, mother, photographer and friend. I cannot wait to do this again.”


thank you friends for believing in me and girls – keep believing in yourself. keep believing that you are beautiful. because you are. no matter what the world may say. you are fantastic. if your interested in connecting with me or have any questions about these questions please don’t hesitate to ask! email me at sarah.b.photography00@gmail.com



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  1. Tina says:

    Such gorgeous pictures of such a beautiful woman:) Love your view point/message Sarah!

    • Sarah Benner says:

      thank you so so much tina! <3 <3 <3

  2. leland mullenax says:

    wow wow wow what a collaboration. these images are cinematic. derived immediately from your passion and reflection. in awe

    • Sarah Benner says:

      this is probably the best compliment ever. thank you so much lee. <3

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